Discover our made in Italy handcraft wooden stairs - Prestige Parquet
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Since 1946  Prestige Parquet handed down from generation to generation the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. In addition to the floors of prestige in wood, hardwood floors and inlays takes care of making ladders of design unique in their genre.

Each piece is the guarantee of having a unmatched  piece of italian craftsmanship.

Already for a long time, sairs are an important element of furniture, a sculpture representing the work of art of an environment; for this reason it is very important the correct choice of the most suitable solution. Every ladder is designed as a single piece by translating into reality the needs of the custode. Prestige Parquet creates its projects, finding the ideal solution in which the wood can be the lead in its entirety or a part of a multi-material  structure.

Your ideal solution

Prestige Parquet manufactures and installs wooden ladders for interiors, to suit all tastes and environments.

In the construction are chosen and used only the best variety of wood; a noble material capable of transmitting visual and tactile sensations. The techniques of craftsmanship handed down for over seventy years turn Prestige products into a work of design suitable for every type of space, from classic and typically warm environments to modern and minimalist ones.

The atelier Prestige realizes pieces to size with perfect assemblies and customization possibilities for adapting stairs to a pre-existing furniture or create one on the basis of unique projects.

Prestige Parquet will help you choose stairs tailored to your needs, suited to environments where will be hosted, a furnishing element highly personal and unique in its kind, defining together to the smallest details. Prestige stairs too are the guarantee of an artisan product 100% Made in Italy.