Discover our prestige floors - Prestige Parquet
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For over seventy years, Simone Rava Prestige Parquet manufactures and installs wooden floors and hardwood floors of the highest quality. Since 1946 the company carries out an artisan production by selecting and transforming the highest quality wood in prestige floors.

Prestige Parquet is the ideal partner for the development of any project that wants to achieve an accessible quality to everyone. Down through generations handed the ability to translate into reality the customer ideas to give life to great quality products, always offering the best solution to those who take care of every detail and satisfying every type of request by the increasingly demanding clientele.

Prestige Parquet deals with the construction, sale and installation of hardwood floors, inlaid, unfinished and laminate flooring and PVC.


offering in addition, products for the maintenance of surfaces and wooden panelling. Prestige Parquet designs custom floors creating  motifs “ad hoc” for each dwelling, personalising them, always offering the customer a concept of affordable luxury as a personalization of excellence.

All floors meet the highest technical requirements and can be laid according to the different laying systems (floating, glued, nailed) also on underfloor heating and bathroom and kitchen areas.

The use of oils and natural waxs keep intact the characteristics of the materials used and allow the floors to acquire over time more and more value.

Prestige Parquet your ideal partner

Prestige Parquet is therefore not just a supplier of floor and wall coverings of merit but a partner that creates value along with your customer. Great artisan tradition, using noble materials, experimentation and innovative research: these are the values that have always distinguished the company.
From the rich range of tables, to classical models, up to the realisation of innovative prototypes, Prestige is passionately dedicated to the realisation of its every single product and seizes every request studying on the basis of a project the best solution to the environment.